Andreas Hougaard Laustsen
27 NOV

DKK 25 M to develop recombinant snakebite antivenom

A grant of DKK 25 M from Wellcome gives hope to snakebite victims in sub-Saharan Africa of better and safer treatment.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Medicine and medico technology
27 NOV

Large investment into Danish quantum cryptography

New innovation consortium sets out to secure Danish share of a rapidly growing technology market by developing next generation’s ultra-secure cryptographic systems...

Photo: Bax Lindhardt
27 NOV

Research focusing on scientific presentations and UN Sustainable Development Goals

PhD students at DTU are not only trained to do research, but also to talk about their research and how it contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Medicine and medico technology
Marlene Schmidt Pedersen (left), Nanna Nielsen og Daniel Lilja Frykman, DTU Mekanik. Photo: Plastindustrien
26 NOV

Award-winning idea for recycling plastic in refugee camps

Three students have just received a Project Plastic award for their sustainable and economically interesting concept for recycling plastics in refugee camps.

Glaciers in Eastern and western Greenland have been melting faster than previously assumed, according to a new study from DTU Space and international partners. (Credit: DTU Space)
25 NOV

Greenland outlet glaciers may be melting faster than predicted

Greenland ice mass loss can contribute to sea level rise that surpass the most extreme scenario from the UN body on climate, IPCC. According to new research headed by DTU...

Earth observation Climate change Mapping and surveying
23 NOV

New Danish model to contribute to the design of safer ships

Large container ships up to 400 metres in length will in future be designed with greater safety in mind. This will be done by updating a model developed at DTU.

Ships and offshore constructions
19 NOV

Mobility model paves way for tomorrow’s transport systems

Ground-breaking model that provides a completely new understanding of our movement patterns. The model can come to play an important role when designing tomorrow&rsquo...

Information technology Mathematics Transport and logistics
Heat pump at AffaldVarme Aarhus. The photograph shows the first part of the heat pump, the steam-driven chiller, during installation.  Photograph: Finn Olesen, AffaldVarme Aarhus.
19 NOV

Digital twins to improve heat pump operation

Advanced digital models are needed to optimize heat pump operation in district heating systems. It will happen by means of ‘self-learning’ digital twins, which...

Energy Energy efficiency
Fermentation at DTU Bioengineering
16 NOV

Students develop effective mould for production

DTU students are competing in an international synthetic biology competition (iGEM), presenting new tools to control moulds in biotechnological processes.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Fermentation Innovation and product development
Director of Facilities Jacob Steen M?ller and Head of Real Estate Claus M?ller Rasmussen. Photo John Ehbrecht
13 NOV

DTU wins Construction Client Award 2020

DTU won the Construction Client Award 2020 for the implementation of a campus plan that supports a strong teaching environment and attracts researchers, lecturers, and...

Gr?nt proteinpulver fra lucerne. Foto: DTU F?devareinstituttet
12 NOV

Protein from green biomass without the taste of cowshed

Researchers from the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, have developed the technique and purchased the equipment that allows them to produce sustainable...

Food, fish and agriculture Food technology Food production
12 NOV

Prestigious award for research in business and UN Global Goals

Associate Professor Francesco Rosati was presented with the Tietgen Award by the Danish Society for Education and Business. The award is given to sharp young minds to help...

DTU Talk#3
12 NOV

Andreas Mogensen: How to send a manned mission to Mars

In a DTU Talk, engineer and astronaut Andreas Mogensen talks about how to send humans to Mars.

Space research
Foto Colourbox
11 NOV

In a time of crisis, what is the ‘right’ thing to do?

Most of us strive towards doing what is right. But how do we know what the ‘right’ thing to do is during the current corona crisis? What answers can we really...

09 NOV

More collaboration between Danish universities—why and how?

At the end of September, the eight Danish universities published the paper ’Viden skaber Danmark - Fælles ambitioner for de danske universiteters rolle i samfundet...

Foto Colourbox
09 NOV

Bacteria ensure better use of biomass

A special blend of robust bacteria in a new process is paving the way to convert even the stubbornest forms of biomass into methane.

Energy Biotechnology and biochemistry
Photo: Benny Box
08 NOV

Newly discovered enzyme increases biomass value

With the discovery of a new enzyme, it may one day become possible to use the plants’ glue nutrient—lignin. The substance has applications in electronics, various...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Bioenergy Energy production
05 NOV

DTU students’ rocket reaches the stars above Europe

The student project Danstar successfully launched the first student-built bi-liquid propulsion rocket on the European continent.

Space technology and instruments Innovation and product development Entrepreneurship
Photo: Colourbox
02 NOV

Researchers pave the way for supercows

Researchers from DTU use artificial intelligence, bioinformatics and gene sequencing to improve breeding programs with embryo transplantation for cows. Their research can...

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